Calmus Crowns

The idea of Calmus Crowns was originated right after I graduated at the University of business in Prague in the Beskydy mountains. During this time, I was inspired to start this project by mountains, nature and wildlife. The Calmus atelier is located in the Silesian village Oprechtice in the east of Czechia. Nowadays, I'm creating unique floral amazonian/bohemian pieces such as flower crowns, floral accessories crafted on metal bases (hair combs, bracelets, brooches, book marks, hair clips, earrings and much more..)

Poznámka: *Většina výrobků je dostupná pouze po 1 kuse. *Výrobky označené hvězdičkou vyrábím na zakázku (nejsou skladem).

EN: *Most of the products are unique and I have just one of them in storage. *Products selected with the star are specially crafted for custom orders.